Carry On and Chin Up.


Carry On


Today is the day where I am put to my own test.                                                                          My comfort zone is thrown out along with life’s mess.

 I have stood in my own way and purpose long enough.                                                                I am taking a leap I know will be tough.  

I’ve feared I am weak when in fact I am strong.  So the improv-comedy star I thought for sure I would be yells “The Show Must Go On!” 

“Carry on and chin up” my dad would smile and say to do.                                                    And for that very reason I will do it for you.  

I will carry on his legacy of a joyful, happy heart.                                                                           I will try from my little place on earth to pull through with my part. 

With your help I will choose to brave each storm I face,                                                          with hope and with joy, and a smile on my face .  

We are given the choice and our own power to think…                                                             So my choice is to face life’s stormy times with a wink.  

I can’t control the wind but I can adjust my sails.                                                                  Because I know for a fact you and I are not sent here to fail.  

In order to find my joy I remember rainbows come through rain. I will write and spread my hard-earned hope to ease somebody’s pain.  

I know for a fact miracles can and do exist.                                                                                     I have seen them in my own life and know they happen to uplift.

85 days put in 85 ways is my hope to have 85 lives feel a touch of joy in some way  .  Today is the day my dad would be 85- so like him, I CHOOSE JOY, and hope to cheer up this ride called life.   

Carry On

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  1. This spreads joy and hope to me and reminds me that I can’t change the wind but that I can adjust my sails. You bring light to all those around you and Happy Happy Birthday to your amazing Daddy!


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