I’m Jennie.  Mother hen  to my nest. Jellybean lover. Wanna-be improv comedy actress. Kind of a runner. Slightly sarcastic but only slightly. Terrified of sewer drains and will go to absurd alternatives to avoid stepping on one. Staying sane through yoga stretching, violin playing, color painting and novel reading. Comfortable in my own skin through my beliefs and perspective. I have learned happiness doesn’t come for free. It is a choice I have made through the curve balls thrown my way. My every day is full of the simple joys of life and more often than not, comical. Laughter is a necessity for me and my nest.  I’m a tad scatterbrained, unorganized more than I care to admit, a glass always full optimist, and an overwhelmingly grateful woman who believes in the power of perspective. My hope and vision is to contagiously spread joy, wisdom, encouragement, acceptance, love and hope from my nest to yours. I’m so happy you flew by.