IMG_2760This phrase, so help me, will be on repeat and embedded in my mind by the end of the day.  After a desperate plea and prayer to lift my head up off the pillow this morning, these words flashed in my mind with definite purpose.  Reality for my little nest is trying to kick me in the gut while attempting to knock me down.  I wonder why worry has been my go to ammo for fighting battles I have no control over.  Why do I even attempt to waste my time and efforts on things which I know are out of my control and yet I somehow think if I can worry enough it will fix it all.  A word to the wise:  WORRYING IS WORTHLESS.

Heaven knows if there was an “easy” button or a “let’s move to a more comfortable lane” button I’d be willing to hoard those things and use at every abrupt or hard starting point. Easy button please? Push. Done. Okay. Now what?  I’ll tell you.  Right now, I’m face to face with a swift kick in the teeth and an unpredictable dose of reality .  Will somebody, anybody hand over the Comfortable Reality Lane button and nobody will get hurt. Push. Push Hard. Push a lot. Push like my snooze button and it’s suddenly then that I wake up to my actual reality and am humbly reminded that easy buttons in my life don’t come with a simple push.  I learn things the harder way.  That’s the only way my stubborn self will learn and grow.  And that is how my story is and has been since my preface.

To sum it all up, this post is driven by motivation to kick my perspective into high gear .  I am putting it out there so I can remind myself that Positive Pants are way more fashion forward and trending than Negative Knickers.   I’m rocking’ my positive pants today.  Are you?

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