Every. Single. Note. 

Songs are a must for my nest at bedtime. Our playlist in the beginning stages were basic, short and sweet. Somehow, with time plus a lot of negotiations between singer and listeners, it has morphed into songs I didn’t even know but somehow end up singing on a whim. Our playlist grew not only in number, but in genre as a matter of fact! 

They would request a bedtime version of the the Latin hit “La Bamba” and it almost always required a a Christmas carol for the grand finale. I was struck by this song I’ve sung on repeat for days plus months turned into years. I saw how much it means to them for me to sing to them, FOR them and WITH them. 

I’ll admit, tonight I wanted to call a sub or last minute understudy to fill in so my worn out, exhausted mind and body could be alone in MY bed, MY own time, MY space and it hit me how I immediately thought only of myself and MY tiredness. I was given perspective I owe to my kids, but also to my goal to share 85 ways in 85 days to spread to 85 people and add a smile to their face.

 With my somewhat tired yet positive (and comfy) pants on, I knew I had to get out of MYSELF and look to THEM who truly deserve me to show up. I am their singer. I am irreplaceable to them. No one can sub or play understudy for my purpose and role I have in being their mom. MY tired had to take some of the greatest hits off our Little playlist, which in turn would take from them and THEIR tired. 

I’m grateful I was able to shift my view to theirs. I wondered what they wondered. If I wanted my mom by my side to sing Christmas carols, nursery lullabies, Billy Joel, and The William Tell Overture with improvised custom made lyrics to add some flair?? I would want that playlist on shuffle and repeat!! 

I think I’d feel so loved and cared for to see the sight of her ridiculous facial expressions, fog horn in the night sounding voice and slight perspiration from unexpected but welcomed interpretive dancing. I’d do everything to learn how to grow love so deep that time wasn’t standing in the way of our playlist. 

Well, lesson learned and put to good use! I will be the mom, THER mom who shows up and sings every.single.note.

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