Burts Eye View

Spreading joy like a kid spreads bacterial pneumonia.  Coming on quick, contagious,and as hard as being hit by a freight train! img_2792Here is a peek at my current Burts Eye View.  With my Mother Hen Vision and tears rolling down my cheeks, my heart is full of love, gratitude and hope.  Life has a way of throwing some major curve balls to quickly put things into greater perspective.  I am reminded by these curve balls thrown time and time again that I am not the one in charge.  And if I ever thought I was, I’m dead wrong.  For me to try and control the pitcher of life’s curve balls is like me trying to grab ahold of running water. Can’t do it.  It’s impossible.  I can’t hold the pitchers arm, rotate their shoulder, wrist and fingers to prepare for the pitch and release the ball.  I certainly can’t maneuver the ball to go completely over my head as I then run to home plate and stand up to bat for my team.   And for this realization alone I am brought to a greater perspective of peace.  Seems ironic, given the circumstances, but knowing I can control how I react and respond is all the control I need.  I take comfort in knowing that the One in actual control has loving and perfect perspective in every detail of my life.  It’s incredible how we as humans get tunnel vision or can’t see past our own nose.  In the past, I have looked back and realized I was one of those humans barely seeing my face let alone my own nose.   I got caught up in the “Woe Is Me” mentality without actually saying or even noticing I was wearing those words on my face like a mask .  Was I trying to mask the pain or sorrow by putting up barriers or trying to fake it until I make it through the storm?  I guess I was. If so, no wonder I have wrinkles and gray hair and bags under my eyes!  That thought process wears and tears a person down.  In that lesson learned years ago, I am blessed with the knowledge I’ve gained through the “been there done that” hurdles I’ve gone through so far.   I realize now more than ever is the time for me to control my perspective. Instead of “Woe is Me” I am shifting my  mind to “Why Not Me?”  Am I so special to be exempt from life’s challenges?  Absolutely not.  Apparently I even signed up for it?!  With so much uncertainty we are experiencing ranging from health issues, upcoming surgeries, jobs in question, dreams put on hold, and priorities shifted to what really matters, our little nest has been blown, and tossed in the winds of life’s storms.  However, I am quickly reminded just how lucky I really am.   As my #1 Little Burt has so comically shown me, no matter what is going on I have the power to choose how I face the storm.  Either I curl up in the fetal position and cry to the point of useless exhaustion and a puffy eyed face and headache on the side? Or, I surround myself with the people who matter most, try my darnedest to laugh and by golly even maybe enjoy the stormy ride?  I like option number two for the obvious reason that number one is not my best look.   

Life is tough.  However, laughing during the tough times and being grateful for all we have is proving to be a better life forecast for me and my nest.



I can already see WAY better with my #1 Mitch Man’s perspective.  img_2794And you know life is headed in the right direction when this little guy is back in business weaseling his way to make the nurses play dress ups with him!

And let’s face it…none of us are getting out of here alive so I say let’s laugh during the chaos called life.  Much better than baggy eyelids, wrinkles and a headache in the fetal position in my not so humble opinion.

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